Production Packages


A. Professional High Def: Sony EX1 Camera, Panasonic HPX170 Camera, HPX500 Camera, etc.

B. Complete Cinema DSLR: Canon 1DmkIV, Canon 5DMkII, Canon 7D, with cages, monitors, etc.

C. RED Epic Ultralight Camera Package: Full Canon L series glass with nimble support and extras.

D. Ultimate Cinema Package: PL Mount with heavy duty support and everything needed for serious, high-end, large style productions.

A. Interview style 3 point lighting kit

B. 1 Ton Grip & Electric package

C. 3-5 Ton Full Cinema-grade Grip & Electric package with truck and trailer

A. (1-2) Solo operator with or without grip

B. (3-4) Director of Photography, Gaffer, Key Grip, Audio tech

C. (5-50) Full Camera, G&E, Sound, Art Dept, Production, etc for 100K budgets and beyond

A. Simple cut and burn onto a DVD

B. Editing with effects and custom deliverables

C. Full-on edit, advanced effects, sound edit and mastering, music composition, final color grading and DVD authoring